Thursday 21 May 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Newton's and Octane

There'll be two shops on site this weekend: Michael Stride's long-standing scene-supporting skate store Octane Sport and Newton's Shred, with Alex and Kami gunning it around the country to hang out with mates and skate hills on the latest gear.

Octane Sport

Rooted in the history of UK slalom, octane sport has been around possibly the longest of any uk longboard store, Octane sponsor at least the slalom and regularly chuck prizes in for all kinds of activities,alongside keeping the ramps safe and maintaining the timing gear Michael built himself. The shop contains a fantastic range of gear - everything from flatland freestyle and old skool pool boards through to the latest offerings from the big brands. If you need something, Octane probably has it or something similar; for those of you out there looking for roger bros visors for your bell drop helmets, this is the shop to check out. There's always discounts on the weekend, so bring some cash!

Newton's Shred
With a more focused range of products, Newton's boasts the fact it's had its riders test pretty much everything it sells; an active downhill division means that all the products get a thrashing. Alex spends his Saturday afternoon getting groms up to speed in the famous crystal palace park. Alex and the shop have been involved from the beginning of the downhill element of Hog Hill, over five years ago! Both Alex and Kami's passion for downhill and freeride are contagious, go have a chat and see what they've got, or have a punt at the downhill races and win some of the swag they're putting in.

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