Tuesday 2 June 2015

Media dump #1 - the photographening

Hi all! here's the first dump of all the facebook media you've been posting - you guys have been posting your media up and here's the first load - there's a lot so it'll be split across 2 posts, just remember to ask permission and credit photographers!
And in no particular order:

Shove-it mag Facebook album #1

Chris Drewery Photography Facebook album

Shaun Bradley Walker's facebook album

Jack Patten Photography Facebook album

Cristina's Facebook album (2nd of 2 i think)

Will Edgecombe's Saturday album

Ian Richardson's Facebook album

Judy Clifton's Facebook album

Judy's Album, part 2 (ie Sunday)

Nearthecoast.com's photos

More to come over the next few days, innit!

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