Thursday 19 March 2015

Sponsor Spotlight - Seismic Skate Systems

Dan Gesmer, Founder of Seismic Skate Systems, has been a supporter of the Hog Hill racing scene since it's inception in 2008.
For the finest Slide, Slalom, Dance, Downhill, LDP, Freeride, Ramp, Bowl and Street product - Dan's your man:

Subscribe to the Seismic Youtube Channel and see how far you can stretch his kit:

Our mission is to use the most advanced materials and engineering technologies to radically enhance the riding experience of everyone who wants to skate, however they choose to do it – all at an affordable price. We want to broaden the technical and stylistic potentials of all skateboarders, and to make skateboards accessible as tools of transportation and self-expression to the widest possible audience.

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