Thursday 23 April 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Mindless longboards

Haraka 66mm wheels. Green is the fastest colour.
Mindless longboards have provided us with a ton of talisman trucks, voodoo bearings and a variety of wheels over the last few years – voodoo bearings being the UK's cheapest readily-available built-ins and a mainstay of a lot of riders. Talisman trucks see the use of a ball pivot, meaning none of that pivot cup mashing from your street skating days alongside a precision of turn not seen with the low price you can't get much better for an all-round RKP. Also, if you want a wheel for your town cruiser or shredder that'll grip anything I recommend anything in 66mm 78a – their Mojo formula on a wheel this small means it eats roughness rather than slowing you down.

Mindless have been working hard with well known rider and genuine rad dude James Allen, who's been representing regularly at the Hog Hill events and helping push some up-to-date shapes; every time you look back at the Mindless website there's a new something, either a fantastically priced new shape in their classic range or their brand new "black edition" lakota DT board. We'll definitely be seeing some Mindless gear appearing in our prize pots, hopefully we'll see some of the Mindless team ripping it up on the day!
Mindless Nyoka - reminiscent of the DK Penguin, but much cheaper!
Freestyle anything and everything.


  1. Awsome, I really likes it. Seems really stable at medium speeds. Good/fun for getting around town. Solid build quality and arrived on time. Anthony Fadden

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