Monday 27 April 2015

Sponner Spotlight: Thrill Magazine for the website, check out your local WH Smiths/longboard stockist for a physical copy

Thrill Magazine have supported Hog Hill events (and the scene as a whole) with both advertising/coverage for Hog Hill and physical support since Thrill's inception 10 issues or 3 years back. Thanks to them, the Hog Hill events reach a much bigger crowd, bringing the community closer together and catching all those stragglers who might not otherwise get stuck into the UK scene. Thrill spend their time covering UK events, keeping you guys updated on products and happenings, and being there to document the growing UK scene, and importantly, supporting those who push to grow it. They also feature content created by you, whether it be instagrams (#thrillmag or #thrillmagazine), drawings, crew features, articles or anything else you want to send in (opinion, comments, cakes, but not chip shop reviews; Skateboard phil may get angry ;) ) F'rexample check out this edit from last year's Swanage sessions. Get involved like thrill has and help push your local scene!

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