Wednesday 29 April 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Pavel Skates

Pavel have for a long time made slalom boards. When longboarding was in its rennaisance in the late 90's and early 00's it was still hacking at trees with flint compared to Pavel, standing among them like that obelisk in 2001: a space oddessy. These boards have used composites for a long time, and use them fantastically well - ultra light weight boards with a high strength high quality carbon fibre skin make these board look and feel amazing, if maybe a bit short for dancing! Once again, check out the slalom side of things to see these beautiful boards in action on the hill; they also make pool, park street and more recently downhill boards. check out the website for the later; if you want tog et hold of them in the UK, the shop to talk to is Octane Sport -  check out their slalom colab:
Check out Octane sport for photos of the shape and concave
and to get a better look at the shiny carbon fibre!

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