Tuesday 28 April 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Longboards UK

Longboards UK still maintain one of the best-stocked physical shops in London when it comes to boards, and an enviable range online to accompany it. With a branch in Brighton they cover two of the UK's longboarding hotspots. They sell a huge range of boards, from budget beginner offerings all the way up to the top end freeride machines, and are always there to help you find something in your price range. They're an ace shop to stop by and say hi to and always well stocked with bearings and hardware (and street decks fr those of you interested). A lot of impulse buys have become active longboarders because of the physical shops. Kudos guys for keeping the physical stores and weathering them through a tough recession, and thanks for sponsoring us again this year! 

PS: they also sell slacklines for those of you who want to up your balance, and cocktail flairing stuff for those who want to worsen it!

A snapshot of their website - check it out. I'm pretty sure that's not all the brands the stock.

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