Thursday 30 April 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Kryptonics

There's been some criticism of Kryptonics recently: They don't wear out fast enough, they don't flat spot. Apparently this is what goes for criticism in the world of wheels. Well, I'm sorry if your reasonably priced wheels last longer, cost less and perform better over time than their competitors!

Not only are they so robust people complain about them, Kryptonics have been developing a new, white formula. This is mystical stuff happening here (read: years of applied materials science and rider input), and rumours are they're better than your current red/green/blue offerings (I assume they mean a better all round wheel rather than one that cores instantly), and that we'll have a set of them as a prize before the year's out! Watch this space for those elusive white ones!

Meanwhile on the weekend, UK ambassador Rob Ashby will have a set of blues and a set of greens for you guys to try to ruin! How's that for for a challenge!

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